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"I’ve had the awesome opportunity to train with the gentleman from Resilience Development for a few years now and their training is top notch. Whether receiving it first hand from these guys or the individuals they host. I was in the military for eight plus years and have received extensive training through the regular Army, Special Operations community, and private sector military companies. As a student from many training disciplines, Robin, Jameson, and Mike know how to effectively communicate information that mitigates the risk of danger, harm, or loss of life due to injuries accrued in fight. Without a doubt this is some of the best training that I’ve encountered inside and out side of the military. I can’t wait to train with them again." - Eric Barnier 1-501 PIR, 1st SWGT, 20th SFG Airborne 



"This group of guys are the most passionate, educated both practical and book, guys I know. They have a unique, patient and straight forward approach of teaching that anyone can understand." - Doug & Laura Smith



"Robin and Jameson are excellent course hosts and leave no details untouched, if you are considering attending a course hosted by or taught by them, DO IT!" - Rob Schoening / LHGK


"Great course! Highly recommended. Will be doing other work with Robin. Thank you." - Andy Asbel

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