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10 years in, 15,000 hours or so, around 6000 students…

Why are we here?

We aren't merely instructors and trainers. We are students ourselves, dedicated to learning for life. 

In our travels alongside the same folks who trust us with their development, we've learned that resumés are of decreasing significance past the interview. When we begin working with an expert, under their supervision we learn about their character, their initiatives. 

So what drives us? Why are we compelled to be the very best students and teachers we can be?


I am a Father, Husband, and Brother. The honest development of resilience is very high on my list of priorities. It interlocks with great quality education, nutrition, physical work, environmental stress. I want these things for myself and those who matter most. 

Having real -- not necessarily convenient or appealing -- answers is critical. In that sense we make no distinction between our own families, and those of anyone who would come to us seeking high integrity training.

The way that we train others is indistinguishable from the care and consideration we apply to developing the resilience of our own folk, and that is why people who find us stay with us.

 Here for a Reason

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